prior to the start of this project the only CAD/CAM design experience i had came from intro to computers freshman year. so needless to say it was a very rudimentary knowledge to begin with and it had 2 years of dust on it. During this project i learned more about how to use higher level CAD/CAM tools. Also during this project I learned more about the design process during this project. although i also found that i had naturally been doing this for all my life. I have been revising and making things work for my whole life using my own version of the design process. from the first version to the last the idea stayed pretty constant. we were always just working with the same stream of ideas through the whole project. I don’t know when i would be able to use these skills again. however i think that if 3d printing technology moves along at the rate it is everyone could use these skills in their daily life. i really enjoyed how open this project was however i think that may have lead to me being more off task than i have been on other projects. i think this project was based on what i did and there was not much that could have been done to make it more clear for me. i think the amount of time we had to do this was too much for me. i like working on a tighter timetable because it forces me to be focused. on this project i had time for my mind to wander and that ultmately led to a worse outcome.

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Three things I wish i had known before I started football

the things i wish i had know before starting football are:
1) one of the scariest things in my life so far was the first game i played right before kickoff. i had no idea what a hit in a game was going to be like. i wish now that some one had told me how little it actually hurts so i would have not been so freaked out for nothing.

2) the second thing i wish some had prepared me for before i started was how had you had to go in the game to get any thing done. i think that if i had known this before my first game i would have done much better in the first half or so before i got a sense of what was needed on the field. some advice to anyone who is reading this and thinking about playing when you step on that field you go all out. other wise the sport of football is being wasted on you.

3) the third thing i wish some one had prepared me for before football season was how much running you do. be it for conditioning or punishment you will run miles upon miles in the care of coach Sean or really any football coach the only advice i can give you is before season try to be in as good as shape as possible because everything get harder with pads. and remember even if the conditioning seems hard it all pays of in the end when the other team is drenched in sweat and you say to then this is like a warm up for us the look on their face is priceless.
if you are reading this because you want to play football at drake i would like you to engrave these tips in to your mind and go play.

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innovations that make football safer.

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end… for now

guys, as i am  sure most of you already know the football season had its last game today i have nothing else to say for the next few month until summer practices start and i am back practicing  i would just like to thank you all for taking the time to read through my error filled blog.

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other blogs

hey guys check out this blog it is pretty cool and shows a lot of stats a bout drake and other teams

another good blog about high school sports in Marin and has drake featured right now is

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football is the best sport

football is the best sport

this is a short essay i wrote in class that i figured i might as well share. sorry if the last paragraphs are a little short i ran out of time to write. 

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how to mess with coach Sean in a few simple steps

If you are on the drake football team and you love annoying coach Sean you will love this easy step by step guide to do it and not have to run.

step 1. think of something random to say that has to to with the CIA of killing terrorists.
step 2. either go over to where he is standing of if you are in you are stretching call him over.
step 3. say what ever you have to say
step 4. if you are not stretching after saying the joke walk/run away so he will not make you run.

some side notes and tips are

  • don’t annoy him right before conditioning
  • don’t make jokes about any trainer
  • during drills say the joke right before you go then put your mouth guard in and run the drill.

If you follow the steps and tips you probably wont have to run to much and you can have a lot more fun during practice.

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you might not think that that football and Halloween have much in common but they do. for example you could dress up in your pads or you could go with the classic dressing up as coach Sean. have fun -Liam

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apps that you might like

a app that would be good for people who are fans of football is obliviously the NFL app what this app gives you is news about your favorite team and also any other team that you might want info on. i would reccoment trying it out.


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gearing up for tam

the tam varsity is doing pretty good this year. they are holding a record of 4 wins and only one loss. most of there games have been pretty close and from what I have read they are good at coming back and scoring points after half time. the freshmen have a slightly less intimidating record of one win and three loses all of which have been within  four touch downs. i think that both teams will be able to win the games they have this week end.

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